Best Rate.

We provide a diverse set of loan programs from conventional residential
loans to multifamily commercial and ground up development.

Technology streamlines the entire process.

The entire loan process involves a lot of paperwork that was kept as hard copies and faxed to the lender. You can now upload your docs securely to our CRM and get instant updates on where you are in the process and what to expect next.

Why we’re better than others

Our Competitive Advantage

Funded a $10 million ground up construction loan in West Hollywood to build 10 townhouses.

  • Curating a list of loan programs that provide a combination of the best rate and service in the industry.
  • We go above and beyond to earn our clients trust and work hard to keep it by accommodating our client’s unique needs.
  • We provide the lay of the land right from the beginning with timely updates, so you are well informed throughout the entire loan process.
  • We use our proprietary technology to create efficiency and faster closings.

“John is a life savior. My husband and I had an awesome experience. He looked for the best rate when we bought and refinanced our home. He kept my husband and I updated and if it weren’t for his dedication and hard work to accomplish his work with such tenacity, our experience wouldn’t of been exciting and stress free. We didn’t feel stressed because he made us feel that we were important. We felt like we were his only clients however, WE KNEW that in reality he had many clients because he’s awesome.”

“In addition, I recommend him for your loans, refinance, and anything else. He goes out of his way to help even though he’s not working for you anymore. He advises us when we have issues with our home and directs us to the solution. Time after time, he has been a life savior. He has solved so many financial concerns and he’s been so caring and diligent. I highly recommend him. Who does that? Answer: John Jung.”

Monica, K.
Steve, K

“John is unlike other brokers who just sells. He is very knowledgeable and will talk to underwriters for definite answers. Very professional and full of respect towards clients, yet is very kind and friendly. Technology savvy to make the process a lot easier.”

“Most of all, unlike the picture of himself here at Yelp, he is better looking in person. Keep it up, John”

“I have worked with John for two real estate finance transactions. My experience first time was so great that for my next transaction it was a no-brainer, and I already know who is my guy for my next.”

“Finance officers working with clients have to understand that the client is under pressure and serious stress. They are anxious for progress and are worried about results. That makes dealing with clients a complicated affair. John knows how to tackle these situations. Whenever I call him, he is not in a hurry to keep the phone on me. He is extremely patient, knowledgeable, explains everything, again if needed, and actually knows what is going on in a clients head. Great professional! I highly recommend him.”

Gaurav, G

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